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Honoring the intersection of Motherhood and Work

It is a core part of our mission to support women in all phases of their lives. Developing the support needed to integrate Motherhood with work is a seamless way can change everything. With our Hatchling Circle, you can do just that. 


Supervised Playspace is opening at
UpRiseHer June 18th! Reserve Now!

From the very beginning, UpRiseHer was lovingly created with working mothers in mind. As we built the first iteration of UpRiseHer, we looked forward to a day when we could fully realize the vision of the space, a vision incomplete without honoring the phase of life that many of us find ourselves in; motherhood. As women and mothers ourselves, we know a truly progressive and feminist space could only be fully realized with the needs of our children and your children in mind. At last, we are delighted to announce that the first dedicated children’s space at UpRiseHer will be available on June 17th 2024! The Hatchling Circle will exist as a space for your children to play and socialize under the watchful eye of our nest mothers while you tuck yourself away for a few hours of focus, inspiration, or rest.

Reservations for playtime are now open up to 30 days in advance! Plan your workdays, knowing your kiddos are close by but also totally engaged in play.
*You must be a UpRiseHer Member or UpRiseHer Day Pass Holder to utilize the Hatchling Circle. 

Common questions for the Hatchling Circle

Send us an email if you have any additional questions!

Love UpRiseHer and Love Kiddos?Become one of our Nest Mothers! 

Enjoy a small integrated age group of children, amazing company culture, flexible schedule, and higher than average pay! Send your us your resume and a cover letter below!
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