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The Space

Trust + Comfort = Inspiration

Yes, the Pillows matter. But its not why you think. Beauty is important, yes, but trust? Trust is key to feeling safe and allowing ideas to flow freely. Our envronment is the container for a trust that can propel you forward.  You know that when you come here, you will be supported, comfortable, and forcused. 

Private Showers

We offer private full bathrooms with all the things you'll need to shower comfortably. Extra soft pretty towels (you know the ones your mom said were only for the guests), amazing smelling soaps, and yes, we even have extra razors. 

Meet and Greet

Rent our Revelation Room for your work meetings, or simply step into our adorable private Nooks for those client Zoom calls. 

Cozy not Intimidating

Many Coworking and gathering spaces offer lofty ceilings, white walls, lines of tables, and plastic chairs. For us, that is the opposite of a comfortable work and gathering environment. We want plush chairs, beautiful colors, blankets, and the ability to remove our shoes and cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea. This feels like a workspace I want to stay in. 

Like to Cook, but hate dishes?

We have a full kitchen so you can cook your meals, store your food or breast milk, and snack at will. And the best part? You're not allowed to do dishes here. Leave that to us. 

Deep Connections

We focus our events on connecting more deeply to one another and ourselves. Wether it's one of our Private Soveriegn Suppers, or our Tarot Card Night, Each event is curated to cultivate connection on a deeper Level. - No more "Hello, My Name is..." tags. 

Nursing? We got you.

Our Raven Mother Nursing Suite includes private sun filled nursing area, and changing area. We have a mini crib upon request, as well. If you need to store breast milk, let us know and we will give you a designated bin and area in our fridge/freezer for storage. We also have a dishwasher so that you can clean all those little annoying pump pieces while you work. Motherhood and work can live together after all.  

Mails Here!

If you are a Nightingale Member, you get to use us as your professional mailbox! We'll sort it, notify you of its arrival with a picture, and hold it for you until you're ready to come grab it. 

Safety First

As a she-centric space we are keenly aware of the importance of feeling safe and protected in order to do your best work. We've implimented various safety measures to solidify that trust including digital locks, motion sensitive cameras at all entrances, and a well-lit parking area. 


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