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She-Centric Coworking


Join our community in whatever way feels right to you. Our space is beautiful, safe, and well equipped to foster your professional and personal growth. 

If you are looking to engage fully in our community and develop that web of support in friendships in a deeper way, then the Nightingale membership is for you.


In order to acknowledge and honor as much of our community as possible, we offer our Nightingale Full Access Membership with a tiered pricing structure. Feel free to choose the tier that fits your budget. $100 covers your membership, $150 helps to cover another's membership, and $200 fully covers both yourself and another persons membership.

Regardless of your price tier your Nightingale Membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to the space (work and leisure areas, full kitchen, showers, nursing and nap area for infant, outdoor space)

  • 5 Hours of use/month of the Revelation Room, our 6-8 person board room

  • Printing (100 pages/ month)

  • Carrier Pigeon Mailbox (Acceptance, storage, and notification of your mail)

  • Discounts on 1 Full Rental of the Space for an event

  • Our Newsletter "That's What She Said" which includes member highlights

  • Discounts on Workshops and Events throughout the year

This membership is for those that love us and also want the freedom to come and go over a longer period of time. Maybe you work in Providence sometimes, or you work on a project based schedule and you need a place that can accomodate a flexible long term schedule. Wren's Nest is your Membership. (And guess, what? It's also the best deal!)

  • 20 days of access to the coworking space with keycode - (except for scheduled private events)

  • Workshop and class discounts

  • 6 Hours of the Revelation Room boardroom use during active membership

  • Early access emails about events

*The pass is valid for 1 year from day of purchase. Pass is valid for twenty days consecutive or nonconsecutive over the course of 1 year. No valid refunds on this membership

Interested in checking us out a few times before falling in love? Grab a day pass, your planner, your felt pens and come get inspired...or cozy. We got you. 

*This day pass is valid for the day of purchase only. 

Just want an official professional address for your mail box? We've got that too. We will sign for and sort your mail M-F. You can pick up anytime during daytime hours. 




Wrens Nest 20 Day Pass
Fly By Night Single Day Pass 
Carrier Pigeon Mail Box Membership
Nightingale Full Access Membership




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Corporate Memberships Available

Getting rid of your office space, but your staff want to work outside the home? We are the perfect middle ground. When you incentivize your staff with an UpRiseHer Membership, it is showing them that you value work flexibility and honor their needs. It's a fraction of the cost of renting out an office space, but provides all the benefits and more.


To learn more, download our Corporate membership packet below. Or you can reach out via email or phone.


We are happy to set up custom plans for you and your staff based on budget and usage. 

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