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Updated: Jan 28

Deeper Awareness of Your Origin Self through Massage

After navigating the tides of this deeply engrossing work for over a decade, I’m finding that I’ve finally been recognizing and resonating with the chords that seem to be toning throughout my life and the lives of others. As a person that considers themselves very knowledgable in the aspects of massage and bodywork, I have to admit that it has remained a bit of a mystery to me as to the “Why” of the successful nature of massage. I know this work is “good” for you. I know this work “feels” good. I see the profound differences it makes in the lives of my clients.

But a question that a lot of therapists and massage clients may have is, "What makes this work so necessary?" Why does it feel important and even revolutionary at times? It’s so basic in its construction: human touch. Why does this simple act seem to hold such a magical power?

As I’ve dived into the depths of this question, what I’m learning is, it seems we are all seeking a connection to where we come from. Not in a historical or even biological sense (all though that's tied to it as well), rather, we’re seeking the source of our own presence. We’re wanting to deeply understand and return to a connection with the very basic elements of our humanity, and perhaps deeper than that, to the energy that connects us with all things. This seeking is often unconscious and so takes innumerable forms for different people at different points in their lives.

"Connection" is a word we use often in the massage world. We commonly refer to the connection between therapist and client, or the connection of systems of the body. But I think there is a deeper connection that happens in massage; our connection to the origin aspects of ourselves. The absence of our own understanding of ourselves is brought into awareness in ways that are difficult to ignore. The therapist acts as a catalyst for that deep inner shift. They are guiding you to a realization of your own whole self.

The remark, “I didn’t even know that was sore until you touched it” is so common that it was beginning to bring me sadness. It’s a reflection of the fact that we aren’t tuning into ourselves with enough care to even realize the pain we are in. Perhaps this is a coping mechanism; a protective shield we unconsciously raise in order to exist in a world that is constantly “outward and onward”.

Regardless, there is such an amazing transformation in people when they tune in to their bodies. It’s the first peek through the door into what it might feel like to be whole again. The energy shift that happens is both addicting to the client as well as the therapist that brought it to be. It’s the gateway to that deeper connection to ourselves; to an awareness that can’t be turned away from. And if we let that connection stay strong even for just a moment, we can see through the threshold into a world that feels brighter; a version of ourselves that may not have always been present to our consciousness, but is the source of all that we hope to be.

As you pursue massage (or any other practice that allows you to "tune in") in your life, I hope that you are able to allow yourself to walk through that threshold into a more realized version of yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to realize that the source of you has been there all along, you just need to find the right doorway. And once you find it, don’t just peek in. Open that door widely and see what it feels like to step into yourself in a new way.

Your curiosity will reward you.

Be Well,


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