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Updated: Jan 26

Acknowledging our own happiness is not easy. But how wonderful, when we do.

Happiness. A huge and knotted, seemingly immeasurable, moving rainbow. I’ve been indulging in things for pure joy lately, and letting happiness happen more these days; taking a look around at my current state, and feeling into the gentle happy I notice. This feels harder than usual. Of course it does. There are so many more things to fog the glass of our own happiness.

When things challenge us, we automatically want to bring ourselves back or forward to a time when we don’t feel that conflict. Happier times. It’s easy to consider happiness as something to chase or something you remember. We all do that. I admit I've been daydreaming about future vacations and family reunions, or reminding myself of past loves, both in people and past times; old memories when happiness seemed easy, simple, unavoidable even.

Does it seem far away to you? Something you are striving for, or perhaps something you had and lost? It feels hard to measure at best, and, in times such as these, even harder to hold onto. I don’t have any magic potions or novel ideas on happiness. All I know is that sometimes I think there was never any goal post for it. Happiness is perhaps our natural state of being. Which is why it's so hard to recognize when we're in it, and so easy to know when we're not.

The equation for happiness is ever-changing, moving around us and through us all the time. Sometimes we're surprised by unexpected joys that wiggle their way into our lives and sometimes our happiness is hard won and feels like a reward deserved. However, joy is bursting and quick. Important, no doubt, but not a state of being. These are just moments. There is no adding them up to a total. No finish line crossed. Beautiful highlights.

Happiness feels bigger and more sustained. We weave in and out of it, watching the edge of it at the horizon, all the while not really noticing that we are standing in the sunbeam.

But perhaps, if you don’t think about happiness much, maybe you’re already there. Maybe you’re bathing in it. You just got used to the water temperature is all. There's an easiness to happiness that can be confused with lack of motivation or pursuit, I think. What if we don’t see happiness as something only in our future? What happens if we not try to measure it? The question may not be “How do we become happy?”, but “How can we acknowledge our current happiness?” There's a little glowing kernel that exists in that recognition, and if we truly see it and nurture it a little bit, it could become a brighter and more ever-present friend to us. Then maybe we can be more comfortable in this; our natural state of happiness.

It takes a shift and control of perspective. Awareness and acknowledgement of the things that feel good to you. Let's add some more warm water to the bath we are already in. Let's feel the sun on our skin. Even if we keep moving forward for the joy of it, let happiness happen along the way.

hmmm…I’ll try not to think about it too much.

Cheers to that.

Be Well,


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