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We Rise Together

A She+ Centric coworking and togethering space for women & their allies in Providence, Rhode Island. 


Welcome to a shared workspace that feels like home

(Minus the piles of unfolded laundry.)

UpRiseHer is designed to speak to the synergies between work, home, and community. Unlike other coworking spaces, we are the first in the region to offer coworking, programming, and community support to ease the tension between those intersections.


UpRiseHer is a place to get work done, host a workshop, join a book club, and find community without feeling like you have to leave a particular part of yourself at home.


When you enter our doors, you are home.


We are Your Village


Comfortable Coworking

Inspire your best ideas and find your focus at one of our 25 workstations. There’s even a napping couch, and yes, we’ve used it.

Career Cultivation

Inspire your best ideas and find your focus at one of our 25 workstations. There’s even a napping couch, and yes, we’ve used it.

Community Building

Inspire your best ideas and find your focus at one of our 25 workstations. There’s even a napping couch, and yes, we’ve used it.

Image by CoWomen

Collaborate in Comfort

A Coworking space built for women. Beautiful surroundings  inspire creative, collaborative work. Yes, the pillows matter.

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Workshops and Events

Knowledge that Radiates

We learn best from our peers. Join us for a one night workshop or a multi-class series and experience how beautiful (and life changing) radiated knowledge can be.

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Motherhood Support

Mothering is Work

Transitioning to motherhood is remarkably hard. And if you have to work, it's even more complicated. Here where your baby is welcomed, you can keep your work part of your new journey.



Being together in the same room is powerful. Wether you need to make a deep connection with a client, celebrate a meaningful event, or find empowerment in collaborative creation, UpRiseHer Spaces can provide the container for your human connection.


“My workshops feel like retreats.”

“I’ve hosted and attended several events at UpRiseHer and the warm and cozy vibes are unmatched. The space cultivates a sense of harmony and focus that makes my workshops feel like retreats.”

- Carole Ann Penney, Leadership Coach, Smithfield

courtney fa.jpeg

“Gives me that ‘third place’ respite I crave.”

As a busy business owner who works from home and is environmentally sensitive to her surroundings, UpRiseHer is the perfect place to work and form connections—but it also gives me that “third place” respite I crave.

-Courtney Fanning, Copywriter, Providence

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"Supportive and safe environment"

I'm a science communicator.  I love working at UpRiseHer because it has everything I need in a work environment.  It just feels like a supportive and safe environment, plus the decor is super cozy and cute!

-Kaylee Mathews, Science Communicator 


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Who We Are

We are humans, Citizens, Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, Allies, Leaders, Business Owners, Life Managers, Dreamers, Do-ers, Delegators. We’re built by women for anyone that finds themselves at the margins, as well as our allies.

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Future Workshops & Events 

Feminist Book Club

Tuesday, August 13 
Hosted at UpRiseHer

Gather & Grow 

Thursday, July 25 
Hosted at UpRiseHer

Coffee In the Kitchen

Monday, July 15
Hosted at UpRiseHer

Welcome to your third space

A place that empowers you to navigate your life with ease, comfort, and community support. 

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UpRiseHer .  335 Hope Street, Suite 1B, Providence, RI 02906
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