UpRiseHer is a femalecentric coworking space in development in Providence, RI. It is our mission to actualize a work life for women that is truly equitable, intentionally joyous, and empowers people to live authentically.

We do this by providing a warm, collaborative, and female-functional coworking space; and with advocacy and programing that helps women meet their challenges with the skills and resilience to propel themselves and one another upward. 

Women need one another to be empowered and it is our goal to provide an inspired, collaborative ecosystem of support in which our needs are met and we can reach our true potential in every aspect of our lives.



Our community is made up of a diverse group of women and their allies that are driven, open, and supportive of one another. Women often  experience transitions in their personal or work lives. Perhaps they are young entrepreneurs seeking a place to work with guidance, new moms looking for a way to keep their career on track while still maintaining a strong bond with their family, or a 2nd Act Career Shifters moving from their long term career path into a passion project or new adventure. This is when we are the most vulnerable. This is when we stand on the edge. This is when we need one another. This is why we are here.  








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  • A Coworking space built for women. Beautiful surroundings  inspire creative, collaborative work. Yes, the pillows matter.

    Collaborate in Comfort

  • We learn best from our peers. Join us for a one night workshop or a series and experience how beautiful (and life changing) radiated knowledge can be.

    Knowledge that Radiates

  • After a great deal of perspective gathering, we realized that easy access to good childcare at or near work is the missing piece in fully realizing life/work integration for many women and families. So, we're working with our community partners to bring you on-site childcare options that fit your family.

      Because mothering doesn't end at the office. 

    Integration is the Answer

  • We are on the go all the time.  We get that. Do you want to be part of the community but don't need the workspace? No Worries. Take the community with you wherever you go with our Feathers Edge Virtual Membership.

    Birds of a Feather...

  • Transitioning to motherhood is remarkably hard. And if you have to work, it's even more complicated. With our Raven Mother Work Suite, where your baby is welcomed, you can keep your work part of your new journey.

    Mothering is Work



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